Homecoming 2017

Once upon a time at Murray Community School there was a whole week devoted to dressing up in silly little outfits and showing some school spirit at HOMECOMING. This all started on Tuesday, September 5th 2017. Since there was no school that Monday, the students started Tuesday as if they were sleeping beauties (Pajama Day). The next day they imitated Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (Twin Day). On Thursday they dressed as their favorite fairytale character, and they ended the week on Friday with “Ohana means family..,” (Spirit Day). As this “happily ever after” came to an end, our mighty Mustangs went against the East Union Eagles in a football game Friday September 8 at 7:00pm before going to the dance ($5 admission, grades 6-8 in New Gym, 9-12 in Old Gym) which lasts from after the game until 11:30. The students commemorated the night at the Photo Booth in the cafeteria spending $1 on posed photos and $2 on dance floor snaps.

By: Savannah Jones