Silver Cord

What is Silver Cord?

Silver Cord is a recognition program designed to honor seniors at graduate who have demonstrated exemplary service to their community. Students who wish to earn the silver cord recognition will have contributed to their community 200 hours of service over their four years of high school. This shows dedication to the betterment of those around them and the community they live in. Seniors who meet all program requirements will be honored with a silver cord at graduation.

Students who are interested in the program should speak with Miss Sickels.

Program Requirements

To be eligible for recognition students must:

  • Complete 200 hours of service to their community by May 1st of their senior year. Local service opportunities can be found here.

  • Service MUST be direct service to others and make a contribution to their community. Service should help fill a need.

  • Students cannot receive payment or credit for their services.

  • Hours cannot be required for other organizations. Service provided for Silver Cord recognition should go above and beyond what is required.

  • Complete a minimum of 50 hours of service per year.

    • At the end of each year, these are the MINIMUM hours you should have completed:

      • Freshman: 50 hours

      • Sophomore: 100 hours

      • Junior: 150 hours

      • Senior: 200 hours

  • Turn in service logs at the end of every semester.

  • Summer hours count as hours earned for the previous school year. (Summer hours earned after Freshman year will count as Freshman hours.) These hours must be turned in when school begins in August the following year.

Service Logs

Service logs are a crucial part of remaining in the program. Students will need to make sure to log any service activity they do if they wish to get credit for the hours. Students MUST get a supervisor signature for EACH activity they perform in order to get credit for those hours. Service logs can be picked up from Mrs. Wood’s room (150).