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Elementary Newsletter

April Newsletter

Happy April!

The year has flown by!

The elementary self-care day was a blast to put on. I hope students enjoyed the activities they were able to participate in.

This past month, we spent our time in guidance discussing empathy. I was so impressed with how much students remembered, especially with the break in the middle of the month. Students were able to work in groups to discuss real-life situations to practice empathy, they were able to view videos, and students were able to play games to work on identifying emotions.

In guidance class this month, we will focus on cooperation. Cooperation is working together and helping others. Like previous months, students will get to explore cooperation through games, videos, and group discussion. I look forward to seeing students strengthen their cooperation skills! Hopefully, students are finding this new curriculum fun and engaging. Like always, I encourage you to discuss with your child what we are learning in guidance class. A newsletter will be coming home at the beginning of the month giving more details about cooperation and what we are learning in class.

One important event to be aware of is 5th grade parent night. 5th grade parent night will be on April 29 at 6:00. During this time, parents and students are invited to come to the school to ask questions and help prepare students for the transition from elementary school to junior high. As the event gets closer, keep an eye out for more information!

As we near the end of the year, remind your students to keep working hard. Summer break is just right around the corner.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

-Mrs. Wood

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