School Delays & Closings

When school is canceled because of inclement weather, students and parents are notified over the JMC Feature, Creston Radio, WHO radio and KCCI or WHO television stations and Internet Sites. The school hours missed may have to be made up at a later date. If school is dismissed because of inclement weather after the school day has begun, parents will be notified by radio, TV, and the JMC Feature. Many media organizations have the capability to request a text message or email when your school is delayed or cancelled. Patrons are encouraged to request this service.

Parents of students who ride the bus can expect that students will arrive home within normal riding time, according to the announcement that school has been dismissed. The superintendent determines whether the buses will follow the regular routes. If buses do not follow the regular routes, they follow emergency routes or the parents are responsible for picking the student(s) up at the school. Please have a plan and discuss this with your student(s) in case of an early dismissal. Everyone knowing what to do ahead of time will save much confusion.