The Murray Community School District (originally named Oakland) first opened its doors in 1868 in an old warehouse located near the railroad tracks.

Over the years that followed, the school moved to several different locations until 1925 when a fire destroyed the schoolhouse and all of its records inside the building. The same year the building pictured above was built, and the class of 1926 was the first to graduate from the building. 

In 1958, the school added a new gymnasium and remodeled the old gym to make a newer kitchen and lunchroom. In 1979, our building and restoration projects continued, and an addition was made to the south side of the gym which housed the new kindergarten through second grade rooms, nurses office, administration office and a new lunchroom with modern lunchroom facilities. The restoration of the old building also took place; new windows were installed, new bathrooms were built, and some classrooms were made larger.

In 1984, the Vocational Agriculture/Industrial Arts building was completed on the northwest corner of the building. The new building housed a large classroom and an updated shop area, and a hallway was added to connect this building to the existing building.

During the summer of 1991, more internal renovation was done to provide space for a new computer lab on the 3rd floor. In 1992, the Home Economics room was remodeled with new cupboards and updated equipment. In the new room, the walls were painted and one new wall was added to separate the laundry and storage area from the food preparation area. This was also the beginning of a 3-year plan to modernize all the hallways and many rooms in the old building. Ceilings were lowered and new lighting was installed, new lockers were placed on the top floor for high schoolers, stairways were repainted, and new lights were installed in the gymnasium. 

In August 1994, we broke ground on a new elementary addition which included a multipurpose facility and preschool. This allowed the school to have more room in the old building for the increasing junior high and high school classes and curriculum. During the summer of 1996, a 3,000-square-foot music room was completed. This provided Murray students with the finest music facility in the conference.

In the fall of 2015, an addition was constructed with 4 additional classrooms for math/science, a new practice gym, junior high locker rooms, a conference room, girls’ and boys’ restrooms, an expanded lunchroom, and a secure front entry space.

In the spring of 2016, a practice track was constructed in the northwest corner of the property for students to have track practice.

Did you know?
Danny Jensen has been a part of Mustang Nation since 1979. He has been a teacher, a coach, a principal, a bus driver, a great mentor, and a substitute teacher for 42 years.