JMC Access

How to access JMC

JMC is an online student record management service that Murray uses to track and report grades, attendance and lunch. There are separate links below for students, parents and teachers to use. By visiting the links below you will be directed to their website and leave our site.

If you need your username or password or assistance with JMC access, please call the school office at (641) 447-2517.

Student Access

Parent Access

Teacher Access

How to sign up for JMC text notifications

  1. Sign in to JMC (make sure you are in the 2020-21 school year).
  2. Navigate to Parent Information.
  3. Select Messaging Service, (to the right of your phone number).
  4. Click SMS (text message) and choose which messages you want to receive.

How to add funds to a lunch account

  1. Sign in to JMC (make sure you are in the 2020-2021 school year).
  2. Click on Lunch.
  3. Click on JMC Online Deposit.
  4. Enter amount to deposit.
  5. Enter name and account or credit/debit card information (account/card information can be saved).
  6. Click Submit.