Silver Cord

What is Silver Cord?

The Silver Cord Service Program is a volunteer-based program that rewards seniors who have completed the required 160 hours of service work during their four years of high school. The Silver Cord will be given to the recipients at Awards Night to wear at graduation as recognition for their service to their community.

Students who are interested in the program should speak with Mrs. Meiners or Mr. Smith.

Program Requirements

The Silver Cord program will offer students at Murray High School the opportunity to give back to the community while also developing their own leadership skills. Students will be responsible for tracking their own hours and finding volunteer opportunities (some volunteer events will be provided).   The intent of this program is to embed a service-oriented mindset where students will serve others each year of high school and be recognized for their efforts at graduation.

Achieving The Silver Cord

  • Students must accumulate a total 160 hours throughout four years of high school.

  • Forms must be turned into the counselor or principal at the end of every semester in order to keep accurate track of student hours.

  • Seniors must turn their hours in by May 1st to count towards graduation.

  • The hours counted toward the Silver Cord must meet the volunteer requirements.

  • Students may only receive 50 hours of service per year to count towards the cord.  The program is designed for students to complete hours each year of high school and not do all hours in one year.

  • Students may begin accumulating hours following the completion of the 8th grade school year.  Service hours may be done over the summer.

  • A student who moves in will be asked to complete the pro-rated hours starting with his/ her grade level; a student starting late, but who has been a student at Murray, will need to go back and complete all 160 hours.

  • Questions should be addressed to the counselor or principal.

Requirements for Service

  • ALL service hours MUST be off the pre-approved list or approved in advance!  Please see the counselor or principal for approval.

  • You may not receive money or any other compensation for the task.

  • You must perform a service for someone other than immediate family member.  Chores at home or on the farm and babysitting younger siblings doesn’t count.

  • Hours earned may not be court ordered.

  • No more than 20 volunteer hours for any one organization are counted each year.

  • May not be minor acts of kindness (holding a door open, etc.)

  • May not include working for a profit organization for free.  Typically, hours should be done with organizations that have a 501(c)3 designation as being non-profit such as schools, shelters, etc.

  • Political Party Campaigns: May not include working for a political party or campaign including any event with any political connections or funding provided by a political group.

  • Church/Religious Organizations: Silver Cord hours may not be directly involved with the rituals, services, or ceremonies of any specific religion. Examples of invalid activities include but are not limited to; singing in the choir, candle lighting, reading from religious texts, altar service, etc.  Accepted religious activities include, but are not limited to; mission trips, teaching or assisting with weekly Bible school, and Vacation Bible school.

  • Hours CANNOT be dual-counted.  For instance, if you are working at the concession stand for your class, you cannot count that toward silver cord hours.

  • Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts) and Gold Award (Girl Scouts) do not count toward Silver Cord hours.  However, other service hours completed via your troop may count.  Please check with the counselor or principal for approval.


Acceptable Service Learning Hours

  • Lions Club activities (Jamboree)

  • Booster Club activities

  • Youth Coaching/Refereeing

  • Animal Shelter

  • Peer Tutoring

  • Nursing Home

  • Community members in need of assistance

  • Activities above and beyond membership (activities that aren’t required for all)

  • Other activities approved by the counselor or principal


Unacceptable Service Learning Hours

  • Being a manager of sports team

  • Participation in or attendance at school musicals, drama or athletic programs, contests, etc.

  • Assisting immediate family members

  • Fundraising for a group in which you are a member

  • Court-ordered service

Any activity in which you are compensated


Service logs are a crucial part of remaining in the program. Students will need to make sure to log any service activity they do if they wish to get credit for the hours. Students MUST get a supervisor signature for EACH activity they perform in order to get credit for those hours. Service logs can be picked up from Mrs. Meiner’s room (205).


Counselor:  Kit Meiners –

Principal:  Keegan Smith –