Graduation requirements

Below are the minimum graduation requirements to graduate from Murray High School. Students must earn 26 credits. Each semester is worth 0.5 credit. A full-year course will earn a student 1 credit.

English 4 credits Must include English I and English II
Math 3 credits Must include Integrated I & II and either Integrated III or Math for the Trades
Science 3 credits Must include Physical Science and Biology
Social Studies 3 credits Must include World History, US History, Government, and Economics
Electives 13 credits Must include 2 credits of Physical Education and 1 credit of Financial Literacy*

* Financial Literacy can be satisfied by either Consumer Math or Introduction to Business.

SWCC Transcripts

Order a transcript

Transcripts are ordered through the National Student Clearinghouse. When you follow the link above, type Southwestern Community College-Iowa in the search bar under the “Order a Transcript” section. Transcripts from SWCC will need to be sent to the post-secondary institution you are attending in order for those credits to transfer. There is a $5.00 fee for sending SWCC transcripts. This is paid to SWCC when you order the transcript.